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Early Days Releases

GameCube Linux Alpha

This Linux image shows a screen with kernel messages, and, if your computer's network settings are correct, allows telnet connections to (user: root, password: gc) and serves a webpage ( (1.1 MB)

This is the patch against linux 2.6.1 needed to build the kernel used in the "GameCube Linux Alpha".

linux-2.6.1-gc-2004-02-02.patch (67 KB)


Linuxpreview is a tiny application that shows Tux the penguin and the GameCube Linux URL on the GameCube screen. It is a symbol that Linux for the GameCube is coming soon.

Linuxpreview can be launched by PSOload .

Linuxpreview source and binary (20KB)

DOL plugin for IDA

This plugin requires a version of IDA that supports PowerPC CPUs, and will give you the possibility to load executables in .DOL format. It has been contributed by Stefan Esser.

DOL Plugin for IDA 4.6 (17KB)

DOL Plugin source (12KB)

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