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Selecting the framebuffer display mode

Some GameCubes, typically those sold in Europe, support both a 576 line 50Hz interlaced display (PAL) and a 480 line 60Hz interlaced display (NTSC). It is possible to control the display mode using kernel parameters. Since no current loaders allow the kernel parameters to be modified during bootup this typically must be setup as part of your kernel configuration.

Kernel support: CONFIG_CMDLINE - Platform options -> Default bootloader kernel arguments -> Initial kernel command string.

There are several possible options. The most common are:

Command line Video Mode
PAL (576i-50)
PAL (480i-60)
PAL (480p)
NTSC (480i-60)
NTSC (480p)
Automatic sensing of video mode

Running an X server

There is a rather ropey X server available for the GameCube. Based on Keith Packard's experimental kdrive X server available from See the release announcement for the GameCube port for further details.

Update: The forums on which the X server release announcement were made are not currently accessible (admins lost contact with their hosting company). This means the release announcement cannot be found. The X server download does remain available since that was hosted on another site.

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