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does anyone have a link to a step by step guide to intalling gamecube linux?

tools required to install linux

i noticed that a computer is not one of the listed tools required for the psoload method. is this the case? i don't own a broadband adaptor yet so i don't know how it works. i also do not have a pc, only a mac. and i do not have broadband, only aol dialup. i am able to run internet explorer after i dialup with aol though. also, i looked around and there is also a gamecube 56k modem adaptor. will this work? like the previous inquiry, i would also like a step by step guide.


Is there a guide anywhere for loading Linux onto the GC? If there is, could you send it to me? Or post it here or something...

GameCube Video Card 3D support

Ok, first, i was wondering about the ATI Flipper card. The specs looks like an ATI SDR 7200 based card.

Do you have tried to contact somebody at the DRI proyect? They have "official" documentation from ATI, of their video cards. And are the current "ATI Supported" Linux drivers developer for their Radeon family cards.

The Rage Fury MAXX Linux drivers are developed by UTAH-GLX Project, and they have official documentation from ATI too.

The problem with those "teams" is that they develop for x86, but may give some documentation for the GLX development.

I hope not to be a fool.

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