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So you have a GameCube. You've beaten Luigi's Mansion and learned how to Wavedash for Smash Brothers. Or maybe you're burned out from Luigi's Mansion or your friends who can Wavedash cream you repeatedly on Smash Brothers. Either way, you've decided to take the plunge into GameCube development. Good for you! And you've found the best place to do that; not only will you write/port programs that will amaze your Wavedashing friends on the 'Cube, but you will get good experience in Linux Deveopment! Whoo Hoo!

So where should you start? That's what this page is here for. This wiki is chock full of information, so take a look around. And don't be afraid to add your own information.


Getting Started

You need to start from the beginning to get started...

  • Collecting the Hardware
  • Booting your box
    • Using NFS
    • Using NBD

Fun Stuff To Try

Now that it works, convince yourself that it works by playing a bit:

  • Play a video on your 'cube with MFE-Distro
  • Play a MP3 on your 'cube with MP3123
  • Play Supertux

Setting Up To Develop

You want to write programs? Depending on your linguistic preferences, here's how you can get set up.

  • Setting up the GameCube Linux Cross Compiler
  • Setting up devkitPPC Cross Compiler
  • Setting up Python and SDL

Prepping for Development

You have a compiler/runtime... make sure all your support gear is ready to go.

  • Getting the Framebuffer the right color
  • Getting SDL to work
  • Setting up GX (libGX)


Now you can run cool programs on your 'cube... this is how you use the facilites provided by GC-Linux.

  • Getting input from joypads
  • Getting and Sending data with the BBA
  • Displaying Graphics
  • Playing sound
  • Reading data off a disc
  • Reading/Writing data on the Memory Cards

Guru Meditations

Done all of the above and looking for something a little more complex to tackle? Here are some ideas.

  • Compiling a new Kernel for GameCube
  • Port a larger library to GameCube (Irrlicht3D for video, perhaps?)

This page is designed to give a more in-depth "starting point" for the fledgling GC-Devr. It can be hard to find the docs you need to start exploring, hard to get the "simplest" things to work, and that is what this page is all about. This is a wiki, so add sections and information pages as you see fit. Each of the bulleted items above should eventually point to a explanation/step-by-step page for that aspect. I'll get around to them as I have time. AutoDMC 22:27, 9 Jun 2006 (PDT)

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