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PSOLoad is the longest standing software DOL loader. It works by tricking a game called Phantasy Star Online (PSO) into downloading code from the network. PSO tries to connect to a central server if you want to play an online game, and the network protocol provides the facility to download an updated version of the game executable. By providing a fake server on the local network this mechanism can be used to upload arbitary code to the GameCube.

This technique requires a copy of PSO (Episode "1&2" only, not 1&2plus, not 3), a broadband adapter and a PC running the tool "PSOLoad" connected the the GameCube via Ethernet.

Download PSOload

PSOload v2.0a for Windows.

PSOload v2.0 for Linux and for Mac OS X.

PSOload for Windows also works in Linux using a recent Wine version without the need of additional DLLs. If you have a really old Wine version, like Wine 20030508, Azalyn explains here how to make it run.

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