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cubeboot-tools 0.2 "Proof of Concept" (6 Jan 2006)

This is how homebrew iso9660 discs built with cubeboot-tools-0.2 look like within the IPL.

mfe-distro disc
bootable disc before launch
SDload disc

GameCube Linux SDL port "Proof of Concept" (20 Jul 2004)

Thanks to the new SDL port by isobel, we can now run, with right colors, graphical applications based on this library. This way, we managed to run mplayer, mame, doom, tetris, and a lot more libSDL based applications.


A full Linux system over NFS (28 Feb 2004)

Thanks to a fully functional (10 MBit only, so far) network driver, we can boot a full Linux system over NFS, i.e. another computer connected via Ethernet provides the full filesystem. This way, we can easily run many standard applications.


GameCube Linux Alpha (2 Feb 2004)

This is what can be seen if you point your web browser to your GameCube's IP:

small-website.jpg See the accompanying dmesg(1) output

Linux kernel messages (22 Jan 2004, tmbinc)

This kernel doesn't really work yet - But it shows a full screen of kernel messages, up to mounting root.

small-boot1.jpg small-boot2.jpg small-boot3.jpg

Linux prealpha (22 Jan 2004, Alan)

This kernel doesn't work yet - but it gets decompressed properly. The screenshot was taken in the dolwin emulator.


Linuxpreview (20 Jan 2004, Michael)

Linuxpreview is a tiny application that shows Tux the penguin and the GameCube Linux URL on the GameCube screen. It is a symbol that Linux for the GameCube is coming soon.

small-linuxpreview1.jpg small-linuxpreview2.jpg small-linuxpreview3.jpg

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