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I tried booting MIKE under MINI (BootMii-boot2). I replaced the armboot.bin and the ppcboot.elf files. However, when I boot, the screen just scrolls through a bunch of code and then says "Restarting in 180 seconds.." or something like that, then it repeats after 3 minutes (180 seconds). I made sure to use the right image (NTSC) for the elf file. IOS version gives the same output when I tri to load it from HBC. Here's an image of the output. --Sdbinwiiexe 22:59, 9 Jun 2009 (UTC)

Please, see the whiite linux article. That kernel image _needs_ a root filesystem too. --isobel 23:41, 9 Jun 2009 (UTC)
Oh yeah. I kinda forgot how it uses a ext3 fs on the 2nd partition. I wish that they'd just make a simple loader to boot a filesystem saved in say, an img file.--Sdbinwiiexe 00:28, 10 Jun 2009 (UTC)
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