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01 Apr 2013: Compromise It seems that a SourceForge visitor got admin access to the wiki database, probably by slurping an unprotected backup copy of a MediaWiki configuration file which stores plain text database passwords (the actual configuration file was protected as per sf.net policy). The issue has affected a large number of SourceForge projects, so better change now your access credentials and avoid using the compromised credentials anywhere anymore. SourceForge notice. Whom does this exploit affect?.

07 Jul 2011: Farter, the guy behind the GeeXboX for Wii project, has been taking a look at the Gamecube/Wii YUY2 External Framebuffer (XFB) "problem" and has published a nice article in his blog about it. He still needs to explore additional ways of solving the issue, like the Linux Framebuffer deferred-IO mechanism, aka defio, (works great CPU-wise, as long as the defio "refresh" rate is not too high or the framebuffer is updated sparingly), maybe in combination with the eFB and GX to automagically do the color conversion in hardware (but this gets tricky, specially when you discover that the eFB is volatile and partial eFB->XFB copy with scaling seems not to work as expected), but it's great to see someone else publicly working on something gc-linux related :)

24 Feb 2010: v2.6.33 The new release of the mainline Linux kernel is out and has now platform support for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii, courtesy of gc-linux.org. Note though that most driver support is still missing in mainline. As of now, you just get Wii SDHCI support which means SD card and WiFi support (already merged in v2.6.32) only. But we are at it <3.

6 Dec 2009: Disk Interface Experimental support for the Disk Interface (DI) of the Nintendo Wii video game console (aka DVD unit) is now included in the newest release of the gc-linux kernel, now based on the Linux kernel v2.6.32. Bon profit!

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