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Thanks for all these nice tutorials, documentation, and software. Here's a short list of what I managed to get working at my place so far, and what didn't work for me:

  • SDload
    • Looks like newer versions of Action Replay may not allow to add new codes. Like "Action Replay MAX for GameCube" Version 1.0E, which I bought in early 2007. Using an older AR Version 1.08, I was able to add the sdload codes.
    • If you're using a USB multi card reader on Linux, and you're having trouble trying to access your SD card: you may need to enable the SCSI option "probe all LUNs" in your kernel.
    • If you don't find "mkdosfs" on your Linux system, your distro may provide it in a package named "dosfstools". However, you may not need it at all if the SD card already comes formatted with FAT16.
  • Setting up GC-Linux with NBD-root
    • zImage.nbdc6.dol booted, but trying to mount cube_rootfs from my Linux distro's nbd-server (nbd 2.9.2) failed with "bad password" messages. However, using zImage.nbdc.dol from Download I was able to mount cube_rootfs, and fool around via ssh.


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