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So, you finally got your X server and Fluxbox to work and SSH allows you to only do things over terminal? VNC is the solution - it's basically the same as Windows remote desktop - you see the other's PC desktop and control its mouse and keyboard. But VNC is multi-platform - than means you can use it to control a Mac from your PC etc.

RealVNC is available free for personal use. The only problem is that there is a Linux version available, but only for x86. To get it for PPC we need to download the source code (also available!) and compile it on our Wii.


Wii Linux with working internet connection, X and Fluxbox (duh)
About 10MB of free space on your SD
Linux PC with Java runtime
(optional) Windows PC

My main PC is Windows, but my notebook is Linux, that's why i'm downloading VNC Viewer for Windows.


Here fill in some info and proceed to downloads.

If you want to control your Wii from a Windows PC
Download VNC Free Edition Viewer for Windows to your Win PC and VNC Free Edition Source Code for Unix to your Linux PC.

If you want to control your Wii from a Linux PC
Download VNC Free Edition for Linux (x86) and VNC Free Edition Source Code for Unix, all to your Linux PC.


Installing PC viewer and SD card preparations

Linux Viewer

Copy your vnc-4_1_3-x86_linux.tar.gz file to your home folder and untar it.

tar xzvf vnc-4_1_3-x86_linux.tar.gz

Now, everything we want is the vncviewer.jar inside the java directory so feel free to erase the rest. Just make sure that you will open the file with Java runtime, not as a package.

Windows Viewer

This one is easy, just copy the executable you just downloaded to some handy location.

Preparing the SD Card

Copy the vnc-4_1_3-unixsrc.tar.gz file to your home folder. Then navigate to root of your SD card. Untar the Unix source there.

tar xzvf /path_to_your_sd/vnc-4_1_3-unixsrc.tar.gz

Installing on the Wii

Install some packages that are required to compile. Just configure and make. You do not need to make install. The application is automatically added to Fluxbox menu and ready immediately after making it.

apt-get install libc6-dev g++ gcc make
cd /
cd vnc-4_1_3-unixsrc/common

Make returns lots of warnings. That's okay.


Using following terminal command (wlan0 for WiFi, eth0 for LAN) find out your Wii's IP.

ifconfig wlan0
ifconfig eth0

The VNC server is started from Fluxbox Apps menu, net section. It is a small window when it runs. Once it is running, fire up your viewer and fill in your Wii's IP. I have not yet figured how you set password.

Enjoy! --Johnyz 18:36, 9 Feb 2010 (UTC)

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